American Lifetime, Newest Version, Day Clock Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock with Battery Backup and 5 Alarm Options (White)

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Key features - This unique 8 inch high resolution digital alarm clock clearly spells out the time, period of the day, full day of the week, month and date in large, clear letters with no confusing abbreviations; Unique functions - The day clock by American Lifetime is the only one of its kind to include a set of multi-function alarms. Set up to 5 daily alarms, with the option of reminders to take medications throughout the day. This clock uses the DC209 model which has a screen resolution of 800 x 600; Battery backup - This day clock also has battery back up a in case of a power outage, it automatically resets to the correct time and date when the power returns; Makes for a perfect gift - The words dementia, alzheimer's and memory loss are intentionally excluded from the packaging, making it a great gift. We stand behind the durability of our goods and offer an unconditional guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, we will refund your money no questions asked; Customer service - At American Lifetime you can return the product for free within the first 30 days, no questions asked. Our customer service team is here for you and happy to help answer any questions you may have

User reviews

Exceeded expectations. This was a gift for a loved one experiencing beginnings of memory loss. The person absolutely loves it, and she is so relieved to be able to instantly know the day, date and time. She commented so positively on all of the features after having it for a day, and she especially liked being able to see the words "morning" "afternoon" "evening". From what she said, I would recommend getting a clock with ALL of the information that is displayed on this one. If you think about it, when a person wakes up from an afternoon nap, they may not remember if it is morning or afternoon. And in my experience, some people with memory loss no longer recognize the terms "AM" and "PM".I like the logo (American Lifetime) indicating made in USA. Packaging does not say a thing about memory loss or dementia - it is labeled as a "day clock". There is a well-designed lever that pulls out on the back for setting the clock on a desk, or the clock hangs easily on a wall when lever is folded in. It is well lit, but not hard on the eyes at night. Internal battery holds time and date perfectly when clock is unplugged (so is good for power outages). Cord is nice and long for reaching outlets easily. We prefered the feature of plugging in a clock like this because people with memory loss may have a hard time dealing with changing batteries when they run out of charge, whereas plugging a cord into an outlet is pretty much second nature for most people.Set-up of time and date is very easy. In fact, the time and date came up accurately the minute I plugged the clock in the wall socket, except that I had to just adjust for our time zone - this was very nice.When helping people with memory loss, those of us caring for them need all of the help we can get. I am very grateful for such a well-designed product as this day clock. Clearly, this company took into consideration all of the special needs of those who need a little extra help.This seemed to be the nicest of the day clocks that I looked at on Amazon, and I'll bet it truly is. Very, very pleased with this clock.
Everyone can read it. Even the dog. I'm kidding! But if our labradoodle knew how to read, she'd be able to clearly make out the time.I purchased this clock for my aging aunt who moved in with our young family just this month. She has a host of medical issues that come with aging, including dementia. A month ago, you could ask her what the date was and she couldn't even tell you the year. Now, she's reminding me when she needs her insulin.Prior to the clock, she would frequently ask me what the time was and if she needed her medication. She'd also ask if we were sleeping in the next day or if it was a work/school day. After the clock, she's more in tune with our daily life. She even knows that "Walker, Texas Ranger" comes on at 8 pm at night and ends at 9 pm, when both she and my 9 year old daughter go to bed. She's also sleeping less and staying more alert through the day. This helps her sleep more soundly at night. If she wakes through the night to use the restroom, she clearly knows that she needs to go back to bed because it isn't 6 am in the morning and the house isn't stirring quite yet.I know, how can a clock do that... Right? It can't. However, just being aware of time passing and having a more routine schedule can. With all comedy aside, this clock has greatly improved my Aunt Ethel's quality of life.***The technical details: arrived promptly, packaging intact, simple set up, easy to navigate menu/buttons, auto dimming feature is very cool, smaller than most picture frames, sets sturdily on the dresser top, and easy to read from all angles of the room even with the curtains open.***If I had ANY suggestion at all, it would be that the product be slightly more affordable. I believe that the price point is just out of reach for those on a fixed income and might deter them from buying a product that could genuinely benefit their quality of life.I'd buy this product again. I'd recommend it to friends with aging parents, grandparents, or other aging relatives.
I paid over $46.00 for this clock because I thought I would get a high quality product. This product is VERY cheaply made; and, the instructions for set up are complicated, confusing and poorly written. While the description says the clock can be placed on a desk or hung on a wall, neither of these options work: The "stand" on the back is so flimsy the clock will not stand up on a desk. The clock does not operate with a battery alone (This fact is not disclosed in the description.). The clock has to be plugged into an electrical outlet. So, hanging it on a wall IS NOT AN OPTION EITHER unless you want a wire hanging down the wall from the clock to the electrical plug. A total waste of money. I am sending the product back.

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