Amazon Basics Earphones with Lightning Connector, Apple MFi Certified,White – BEST PRICE: $25.93

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  • Answer calls with built-in microphone
  • High quality bass for pulse-pounding music
  • Enhanced moisture protection to resist sweat and splashes
  • Seamless music and video playback control
  • Compatible with all Lightning-enabled devices that support iOS 10 or later, including iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone

User reviews

iPhone Amazon headphone has better sound than Apple headphone but the Apple headphone are louder.Amazon headphone are 5 inches shorter than. The Apple headphones.Amazon headphone hold in your ear better than the IPhone headphones.I appreciate that amazon has it logo on the headphone so you know exactly what side to plug the headphone in Logo facing up.One thing that amazon doesn’t have and iPhone does have is the clip that connects the left side of the headphone with the right side of the headphone to adjust it on your neck. (Check photo to understand)Overall for the price of the product compared to the name brand, It’s worth the buy.Thank you for taking a minute out of your busy life to read my review. Please let me and Amazon know if you found this review helpful by clicking on the “Helpful” button below. I appreciate your support and thank you in advance. I receive no monetary compensation for my reviews, but try to help potential buyers make an informed choice.
I misplaced the corded buds for my iPhone 8s, just needed a cheap and quick replacement until they’d show up again. (and they did, lol) I don’t use them with expectation of any real sound quality. I just use them at my desk for Spotify music when I need to shut out office noise or when I use my read aloud app in waiting rooms and coffee shops. I’m too damn chicken to buy the bluetooth ones with my long-standing record of losing and misplacing stuff. I have lonely earrings forever pining for their lost mates. Don’t get me started on my sock drawer. It’s like a mateless sock is doomed to remain untouched for at least a decade before I can stand to cull it from the herd. Anyways, where was I? These buds served my purposes, with no discernible difference to the “real” Apple corded buds. I’ll keep them at work in my desk and carry the others in my purse.
I’m disappointed with these headphones. I ordered a pair originally maybe 6 months ago and they were the real apple headphones and hadn’t broke. Then I just ordered my husband a pair 2 weeks ago and the adapter price you put in phone broke off in the phone for no reason. They were the original apple headphones like the first time they were iPhone compatible. Very upset wish I could get my money back! Or at least the real apple headphones

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