AKMONA Camping Lantern, 2 Pack High Lumens LED Lanterns Battery Powered, 4 Light Modes with Flashlight, Suitable for Hurricane, Emergency Light, Storm, Outages, Camping, Fishing, Include 6 Batteries – $19.99

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  • Super Bright & Large Area Brightness. 360-degree covered lighting with top spotlight provides high visibility to meet large area brightness. 4 lighting modes. Collapsible COB LED Lantern. Flashlight. Red Warning Light(Strobe & SOS light). The lantern is a vital filed survival tool and camping accessories.
  • Long Last Run Time. Using 3*AA batteries (Included) as power supply enables it can be continuously used up to 8-12 hours, which brings you to light for a long time to fulfill your needs. Energy-saving and suitable for camping, power outage, night fishing & hunting, emergency usage, hurricane and survival kit, etc.
  • Novel Design, Metal Handle, And Magnet Base. Collapsible design (by pushing and pulling the handle) can turn on or close the lantern. A metal portable lantern can be used as a flashlight, vertical lift as a lantern, and can hang it on trees or others. 3 Strong magnets on the base can be adsorbed on any metal surface to free your hands.
  • Durable & Water-resistant. Compact lamp body made from ABS military materials. Effectively prevents it from being damaged from the collision. The Led lantern is water-resistant. The light can adapt to all kinds of severe hurricanes and rainstorm weather. Perfect light for your indoor or outdoor activities.
  • A Perfect Gift for Anybody. Just one lantern can bring your parents, friends, lover, or children enough brightness to be prepared for darkness, power outage, and emergency situation. We’re positive our lantern will revolutionize your or them lighting night! But, just in case you ever have an issue with it in 24-month, our Customer Support Team is ready to assist you with no question asked replacements.

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  A nice set of lanterns! The are the most useful lanterns I own! Besides the super-bright lantern, they have a very bright flashlight, warning strobes, three magnets on the bottom and multiple handles that allow you hang or suspend in multiple configurations. It only takes 3 “AA” batteries to power the lantern, versus 3 “C” or “D” batteries that many of my other lanterns require. And, the package provides the first sets! As for battery life, I’ve had one of them on for more than 10 hours and it hasn’t died yet. They are not the most durable lanterns I have, but they aren’t priced that way either. They are not water-proof or impact resistant, and don’t claim to be. They are very useful, inexpensive lanterns that don’t need looked after. If they come up missing, or forgotten at the end of a camping or fishing trip, it’s not the end of the world. The flashlight is bright and throws well! This lantern is likely going to be my go-to, and this package came with two of them. I gave the other one to my buddy.
In a word...WOW!I am so glad I found these. I bought them to serve as multi purpose lights and they totally fit the bill.I have used these so far to illuminate the outside of my house at night when we are in our hot tub. They light up the whole walkway area and beyond! Now I don't have to leave all the outside, blinding house flood lights on when we go out there. These give a nice ambient glow because you grab the handles and pull up to open up the light. The more you open them, the more leds are exposed and the brighter they are. Push inward to reduce the brightness. This allows you to create a nice, safe ambient light. Push them all the way in to turn them off. Genius!These will be perfect for camping. They have 2 metal handles that fold out and up so you can open the lights and walk with it exactly like a camping lantern. It's winter now, but I'm looking forward to being around the campfire with them come summer.My wife has also used one to walk with at night. It has a great little metal side handle that swings up so you can hold it and use it exactly like a flashlight which is seperate from the pull out function as described above. The flash light is on the top of the unit.Also, there are red emergency blinking lights with 2 settings attained by pressing the button. Press once for the flashlight, a 2nd time for slow blinking red safety lights and press a 3rd time for fast blinking safety lights. Now, you would think...who needs that feature? Well I think this is an added awesome feature. If you take these camping or mountain hiking and are in trouble, these will alert people that you need help. Plus, they'd probably scare away any animals, esp bears. For this feature alone, I am buying 4 more to keep 1 in each of my vehicles. If you've ever been broken down at night, imagine how great 1 of these would be to set up on the ground flashing red to alert oncoming drivers you're stranded? 1 of these could literally save multiple lives! Far better than a dangerous road flare.Lastly, and I love this feature, it's just a brillant idea and great addition to these already awesome lights and their functionality. They have 3 strong magnets at the bottom. These make it perfect to use if your working under the hood of your car for repairs. This is a great feature to use in your tent as a ceiling light as well. Just take a piece of metal, place it on top of your tent where you want the light to be. Then, go inside your tent and with the magnet side up, touch it to the metal and it will hold the lantern firmly to the tent ceiling. Instant whole tent light! They'd also be great in a workshop.What I used the magnet feature for was night cooking on my grill. it gets pitch dark at 4:30pm now. I set this down on top of my stainless steel grill side shelf and the magnets hold it firmly and safely in place so it doesnt fall over into the fire or completely off and potentially break. It lights up the whole cooking area so you can see your food perfectly.I highly recommend these for tons of uses in and around your home. As a worklight, flashlight, ambient light and safety light, these things do it all! They are super lightweight but feel strong, not cheap. I'm glad I bought them.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  The akmona camping lantern has a surprisingly strong light. I have another lantern that is similar to this style and it does not give the same bright full light. Some cheaper lanterns blind you with bulbs that are not behind a defusing layer of plastic. This lantern has a more pleasing light, that does not blind you. Also, it is very nice to have the flashlight mode where you turn the lantern sideways. I have not seen this on other lanterns. It is also water resistant, which my other lantern was not. I see this as a substantial upgrade. I used it last night to grill steak after dark. I put one on each side of the grill. I could see perfectly. The magnet on the bottom made it even easier to stay on the side ledges of the grill.

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