6pc Set of Sanwa OBSF-30-B Blue Push Buttons – $17.99

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Description Sanwa OBSF-30 snap-in button is the quality arcade part from one of the best arcade kit parts manufacturers in the world.These Sanwa pushbuttons are OEM on most Japanese arcade cabinets. They are also the choice of most fighting game console players. Each Sanwa button contains a non-clicking micro switch which makes it smooth and quiet. With its fast reactive time and quick reset, Sanwa buttons are regarded as one of the best competition buttons on the market.If you are building your own joystick or modding a store bought joystick, then this is the perfect buttons for a classic Japanese arcade feel. Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons are compatible with the MadCatz line of FightSticks, Qanba FightSicks and Hori Fightsticks. These buttons are specifically for custom joysticks that use a metal control panel. If you want to cover your panel with lexan please use OSBN-30 buttons. The vertical microswitch has .110" lugs. These buttons fit in 30mm holes.Features (1) Brand new and High quality Original Japan-made button. (2) Color : Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/Black/White/Orange/Pink. This set is Blue. (3) Snap-in installation, easy to replace existing parts and use. (4) Can be mounted in material with a thickness from 2 to 5 mm. (5) Each Sanwa button contains a non-clicking micro switch. (6) Smooth, responsive and quiet. (7) Fast reactive time and quick reset. (8) Perfect for XBOX360/PS3/PS2 Controllers and Arcade machine which demand the highest quality parts. (9) Fits in most Hori and MadCatz joysticks, Also can use the buttons to build your own custom controller.Specification: (1) Brand Name : SANWA (2) Button Model : OBSF-30 (3) Color : Blue (4) Type : 30mm Push Button (5) Mounting hole diameter : 30mm (6) Overall diameter : 33mm (7) Product Weight : 10g (8) Place of Origin : Japan

User reviews

The buttons were all packaged in the same plastic bag so the metal prongs on the back of the buttons left scratches on the surfaces of some of the buttons. Also the color of the buttons did not match the color in the picture. The color was actually a purplish-blue hue. But regardless, the buttons function well.
The recipient loved the quality! No complaints.
Great overall!

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